The operation of the Amazon distribution centre of more than a million square feet will create close to 600 jobs in the region. The warehouse is currently under construction on Boundary Road near the 417 which is about 12 minutes from Limoges.  It’s opening is planned for autumn 2019.  

The jobs are not open yet but check their web page from time to time.

Amazon Web page for jobs

New dog waste bins in Limoges

New dog waste bins installed in Limoges

Not only are plastic bags or dog poop left on the ground around the Village a health risk but they are also an eye-sore for everyone. Thanks to the initiative of members of the Limoges Citizens Committee, ten (10) bins designated specifically for the collection of plastic bags containing dog excrements were recently installed across the Village of Limoges. It is another step taken to enhance our community’s pride. If you are a dog owner, these new bins will make it simpler for you to dispose of your dog’s poop in a respectful manner.
As a good pet owner, you love and take care of your dog. It is however also YOUR civic responsibility to pick up after your dog at all times, be it on private or public property.