Limoges Citizens Committee     







Creation of the committee and mandate

The Citizens committee was created in order to provide input and work with the municipalities on some of the projects affecting our community.  Additionally, the Committee was established to minimize the obstacles caused by the separation of the town in two municipalities (La Nation and Russell) where the services and regulations are not the same.

The Citizens Committee mandate and mission is very general and was established at the time of its incorporation.

  1. Promote and support the interest of the community of Limoges;
  2. handle the problems of residents towards the use of their municipal services;
  3. promote the research and the financing of local projects for the community;
  4. coordinate activities between the different groups and associations of Limoges;
  5. also, handle all other objectives which are compatible with the mandate of the corporation.


The constitution document is available. It also contains the regulations and policies: Constitution