Nevada tickets are available at the DÉPANNEUR DU VILLAGE convenience store. 

Please support the Limoges Citizens Committee (LCC) projects.  All proceeds from the ticket sales are used for projects in our community. 

Among others, the LCC provided financial support to the following projects from our Nevada fund from its creation up to 2019 :










Parks, recreation, skatepark, trail, play structures         $66,500.31
Electronic sign                                                                       $20,000.00
Canada Day and community activities                               $18,961.35
Sports clubs, softball equipment and prizes                     $12,008.25
Limoges Optimist Club, activities                                       $10,930.52
Side by side rescue vehicle project                                       $8,000.00
Beautification projects, benches – Christmas lights           $3,932.30
Students, graduations and trips                                            $2,733.07
Others                                                                                         $2,658.76
Library, prizes for library promotion                                   $2,425.54
Estrie Community Health Centre                                        $2,296.50
Church, handicapped ramp                                                     $628.81
CAP, web site, informatics courses for kids                         $227.56
TOTAL                                                                                     $151,302.97