Limoges Citizens Committee     







Committee projects and operations

The Citizens Committee is involved in several activities and community projects. The projects are determined by the needs of the community. There are projects that are done in partnership with other community groups, The Nation municipality or the Russell municipality. The projects depend on the available finances and the number of volunteers who want to participate.  Here are some of the most common ones:

  • organize information sessions with officials regarding municipal projects and community projects;
  • define the needs and priorities of the community;
  • organize events and recognition of volunteers;
  • administer the sale of Nevada tickets which is used to partly fund community projects and activities;
  • organize the baked bean suppers during the summer months;

Committee funding

Funds for committee operations are obtained from different sources. The Committee manages the NEVADA ticket fund (sold at the Dépanneur du village convenience store) which is used mainly to contribute towards community projects undertaken by the Committee. Other funds are obtained mainly from the baked bean suppers during the 4 summer months as well as donations from The Nation and the Russell municipalities. For certain projects, fund raising in the community is required (Limoges Health Hub).

Nevada fund

The funds obtained from the sale of Nevada tickets has allowed the Committee to help the organizations in our community in their activities and has also allowed the installation of facilities where there was a need. Here are a few main projects where the Committee was involved:

  • Obtained a Trillium Foundation Grant of $35,000 for the construction of a trail in the Rodolphe Latreille Park;
  • donation for the study and the paving of the access trail for the construction of a bridge between the park and Saca project;
  • installation of public benches in town;
  • donations for some of the structures at the skate park and play area;
  • purchase of plants and maintenance of the flower and shrub arrangements in the town centre;
  • Limoges Health Hub project.  This project is seen by the Government of Ontario as a model of partnership between the private sector, a group of volunteers and the community.

The following report provides an example of the funds which were distributed within the community since 2002.

NEVADA – Cumulative summary of donations from 2002 to 2016

Project       Amount
—————————————————————————————– —————–
Parks, recreation, skatepark, trail, play structures and benches $60,443.75
Electronic sign $20,000.00
Canada Day, tent, music and wagon tours $14,961.35
Limoges Optimist Club, activities $10,430.52
Sports clubs, softball equipment and prizes $7,508.25
Others $2,658.76
Students, graduations and trips $2,466.07
Library, prizes for library promotion $2,312.56
Beautification projects $1,932.30
Church, handicapped ramp $628.81
CAP, web site, informatics courses for kids $227.56
TOTAL donations $123,569.93


Request for donations

Early in the year, the Committee starts planning and building reserves towards projects which will be funded during the year. It is therefore important to advise the Committee in January if your club or organization will solicit funds from the Committee.

Indicate the project name, the amount requested and what the funds will be used for. Please note that for complex projects, the Committee will need more information such as the cost estimates and the funding plan.

The above information is used for planning. Funds are released when a request for funds is submitted according to the Committee policy on donations: Policy document