Limoges Citizens Committee     







This page is maintained by the Limoges Citizens Committee to provide information on the Committee, its purpose and some of its accomplishments.

General information

The Limoges Citizens Committee was created and incorporated in December 1999 in order to facilitate improvements of the Limoges community.  For additional details, refer to the Mandate.


Le committee is open to all residents of Limoges and surrounding area who have an interest in their community.  All members are volunteers.


The Citizens Committee meetings are generally held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm at the St-Viateur Annex, 139 Mabel St. (parking entrance on Cambridge St.).  The meetings are public and all residents can participate.  The councilors for both the Russell and The Nation municipalities attend the meetings to keep the residents informed and respond to questions.

The subjects vary each month however; the subjects that concern the community at large are addressed.  If someone has a problem to discuss, it can be added to the agenda before the meeting.

The minutes of the monthly meetings are available on this page.