Nevada tickets at the Convenience store

Nevada tickets available at the DÉPANNEUR DU VILLAGE convenience store

The Limoges Citizens Committee is a great supporter of community projects. Using the proceeds of the Nevada ticket sales at the convenience store, the Committee has returned over $151,000 to the community since its first year of administration of the Nevada fund in 2001.
If you want to help the Citizens Committee in its efforts, Nevada tickets are available at the DÉPANNEUR DU VILLAGE convenience store, 550 Limoges Rd.  New tickets at 1$ are now available.

You could win,
4 – $500 prizes
2 – $400 prizes
6 – $100 prizes
8 – $50 prizes
and much more…


Note that all profits are returned to our community.

Thank you for your support





Statistics Canada survey – Impacts of COVID-19

Your country, province and municipality need reliable information on the current economic and social situation, as well as on people’s physical and mental health, to effectively assess the needs of communities and implement suitable support measures during and after the pandemic.

Here is a survey by Statistics Canada on the Impacts of COVID-19 on Canadians. Please take five minutes to participate in the data collection effort.  Statistics Canada Web page

New regional transportation service

The regional Prescott-Russell transportation service PR Transpo is in service in our area. There are 12 routes serviced by 19 seat buses. Refer to the PR link for routes, schedules and rates.

Routes including Limoges
Every Tuesday : Route A, departure from Marionville, to Russell, to Embrun, to Limoges, to Casselman, and back

Every Saturday : Route C, departure from Embrun, to Limoges, to Casselman, and back

Stops in Limoges – existing bus stops are used

  1. On des Pins near the Caisse populaire
  2. On Limoges Rd. across from l’Érablière

Note that this information can change as the system is reviewed.

Monthly baked bean suppers and BINGO

The baked bean suppers (macaroni and shepherd’s pie) are held on the last Friday of each month at the Community Centre, 205 Limoges Rd.
This is the ideal event to meet people from the community in a relaxed environment.

Supper is between 4:30 pm and 6:30 pm and the buffet service starts at 5:00 pm. The draws are at 6:00 pm and the BINGO starts at 7pm.