The Nation Ward Boundary Study – Public Consultation

The Nation Ward Boundary study

A consultant firm will review the current boundaries to determine its strengths and weaknesses, and they will develop alternative ward boundary options that will better represent our communities, using population projections. Participating is important.  There will be an impact for the future elections as the Wards will be reviewed and most likely modified.

You are invited to be part of this consultation process. You can attend one of the two public consultations open houses to review proposed alternative ward options and share your comments with us:

Public Consultation #1
6:30 p.m. February 4th, 2020
St-Isidore Recreation Centre
20 Arena Street, St-Isidore

Public Consultation #2
6:30 p.m. February 5th, 2020
Limoges Community Centre
205 Limoges Road, Limoges

Link to municipality for more information

Nov 2019 presentation to council

Feb. 2020, Public consultation document (very slow to download)

Nevada tickets at the Convenience store

Nevada tickets are available at the DÉPANNEUR DU VILLAGE convenience store. 

Please support the Limoges Citizens Committee (LCC) projects.  All proceeds from the ticket sales are used for projects in our community. 

Among others, the LCC provided financial support to the following projects from our Nevada fund from its creation up to 2019 :










Parks, recreation, skatepark, trail, play structures         $66,500.31
Electronic sign                                                                       $20,000.00
Canada Day and community activities                               $18,961.35
Sports clubs, softball equipment and prizes                     $12,008.25
Limoges Optimist Club, activities                                       $10,930.52
Side by side rescue vehicle project                                       $8,000.00
Beautification projects, benches – Christmas lights           $3,932.30
Students, graduations and trips                                            $2,733.07
Others                                                                                         $2,658.76
Library, prizes for library promotion                                   $2,425.54
Estrie Community Health Centre                                        $2,296.50
Church, handicapped ramp                                                     $628.81
CAP, web site, informatics courses for kids                         $227.56
TOTAL                                                                                     $151,302.97





New regional transportation service

The regional Prescott-Russell transportation service PR Transpo is in service in our area. There are 12 routes serviced by 19 seat buses. Refer to the PR link for routes, schedules and rates.

Routes including Limoges
Every Tuesday : Route A, departure from Marionville, to Russell, to Embrun, to Limoges, to Casselman, and back

Every Saturday : Route C, departure from Embrun, to Limoges, to Casselman, and back

Stops in Limoges – existing bus stops are used

  1. On des Pins near the Caisse populaire
  2. On Limoges Rd. across from l’Érablière

Note that this information can change as the system is reviewed.

Women’s Indoor Soccer

Registration for the Fall session of women’s indoor soccer is now open!

Tuesdays 6:00pm – 8:00pm
September 10 to December 17, 2019
At the Limoges Community Centre

Cost: $60 (e-transfer to

All skill levels welcome!

Contact us to sign up!

Monthly baked bean suppers and BINGO

The baked bean suppers (macaroni and shepherd’s pie) are held on the last Friday of each month at the Community Centre, 205 Limoges Rd.
This is the ideal event to meet people from the community in a relaxed environment.

Supper is between 4:30 pm and 6:30 pm and the buffet service starts at 5:00 pm. The draws are at 6:00 pm and the BINGO starts at 7pm.